Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I ended up missing the fall foliage completely. The fuel gauge gave up the ghost, it had to be pulled and sent out for rebuilding. Fortunately, it wasn't either of the sensors in the tanks.

Got a couple of flights in. Not today, the mag check failed on the left magneto for #6 cylinder. The old trick of running it up and leaning the piss out of it didn't work, still bad. #6 is one of the hardest cylinders to get a plug out of, and the bottom plug is the worst one of all.

Here's an economic indicator: There are four airplane on tiedowns at 44N for sale, going by the signs on them. One is a really pretty Cessna 140 that has been owned by a couple for many years. I think it was the wife's airplane. There are a couple of 172s and a Champ. I didn't drive around looking at all of the airplanees to see if there are signs on any others.

It is a bad time to be selling, the used market supposedly is softer than it has been in a very long time.