Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Winds Doth Bloweth

METAR KGON 081956Z VRB04G18KT 10SM CLR 14/M04

I relocated the airplane to KGON four days ago. There have been strong winds from the northwest since a couple of days before that.

I am moving to the KFAM area. The flight out will take about ten hours of flying time, in no-wind conditions, which don't ever exist. I need very good weather for the second leg of the flight, as that would be the one where I fly over the Appalachian mountain range. The Appalachians are a very old mountain range, many times older than the Rockies. They probably rivalled the Rockies in height and grandeur when they were geologically young; a few hundred million years of erosion have worn them down quite a bit. But the range is littered with the carcasses of aircraft whose pilots underestimated them.

It was my hope to have the airplane out in KFAM before my move. But that may not happen.