Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cooling Off

KFAM 231335Z AUTO 27003KT 10SM CLR 08/04 A3033

The seasons are changing. During July and August, I would try to be at the airport at sunrise, or just soon after, so that I could finish my flying before the heat of the day set in. Now, I do my flying in the mid-morning so that the temperature isn't too cold. When it was hot, I did my preflight in the hangar and pulled the airplane out just when it was time to start it. Now, I untie it and pull it out so that I can do the preflight in the warmth of the sunshine.

I thought that by living closer to the airport than I did in New York, that I would fly more often. It hasn't seem to have worked out that way. This morning< I shot a couple of landings, but mostly I just stooged around. I tried to match some features with the sectional chart-- sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. I don't know how frequently the Feds update terrain features, but I suspect it isn't often. Once, I lived in an apartment complex in Virginia Beach that several years later, a sectional chart showed that a drive-in movie theater was there. Can you identify this airplane?

It is a Hummelbird H-5. It has a VW engine and burns 3 gallons of gas per hour.