Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sale Update

KFAM 312256Z AUTO VRB03KT 10SM OVC044 11/09 A3005

I've mentioned this elsewhere: This is now a "lost my medical" sale.

Which is mostly truth, as the process of getting a special issuance in order to get back in the air would be both expensive and problematical.

The point is that when nice weather comes, I'm not going to back out of a deal. I mention that because, before I bought 33C, I had a contract to buy a `77 Taylorcraft. The weather turned nice and the owner sent me a check to return my down payment. Oh, sure, I could have sued him and probably won, but life's too short for that noise. It wasn't as though I was married to the idea of owning his T-cart.

As it turned out, a Stinson was a much better airplane for me.

And it can be for you.

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